Pangea: The Garden of Eden

The divine consciousness had welled up from within the sea of the deep—tempered by the physical embodiment of the flaming masculine element.  This provided for it the channels of departure from whence it had been entombed for ages uncounted.  The tempering of water by fire resulted in equilibrium upon the surface of the unfathomable expanse of possibility.  The offspring of the union—a single mass of land and a billow of cloud above them.

The idea of Pangea has remained, perhaps one of the most fascinating targets of scientific study and philosophical speculation for hundreds of years.  In my new series, I really delve into the concept of a single land mass and the implications it may have had on human life (were it to exist at the time) and spiritual belief.  Please share your thoughts with me as I write the prequel and sequel to Pangea: Tower Hearts.

A question to spark debate:

Could the single land mass of Pangea been separated during the casting down of the Tower of Babel?  What physical restrictions could prevent this?  What spiritual implications might this have?

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