The PANGEA Series
Keep a look-out for the prequel to Tower Hearts: ‘The Fae’—and the sequel ‘Lilith’—coming soon.
The Pangea Chronicles came to life in Book Two, with Jesse and Evelyn finding their way to one another with the help of the Fae and the Djinn. The Tower has been resurrected and Lilith, the child of the divine couple, grows within Eve’s womb.

Read ‘The Fae’ and journey back to the beginning, when the Fae world took its first breath just after the initial blast that created the universe. Meet the beings of the world before life, before substance, whose thoughts mold the reality of what is to come in the world of form. See what mistakes the Creators may have made had they ever had the ability to form a wrong thought.

​In the sequel ‘Lilith’, delve into the mind of the Creator come to Earth, caught between destiny and reality. Can she make a wrong choice? Does anyone ever have a choice at all in the world of the living? Does the choices she’s made in the world of the Fae make her who she is to become, or do the choices she makes as a human change the destiny she has already written herself?

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